Get Your Melbourne Home Ready for Hurricane Season

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August 8, 2018

August 8, 2018

Although the official hurricane season started back in June, it’s no secret that the worst storms usually come late in the summer or early fall. So while you’re cheering on your favorite team this weekend, take some time to prep your house as well with these easy tips from SureHome.

Here are some of the SureHome "best practices" that you can use to get your home ready for Hurricane Season.

1. Check Your Roof

Your home’s roof is the most important component for keeping out rain and wind. And, if you keep it in top condition, it should get you through the next hurricane. So grab a ladder and check each side for signs that it may need attention before the storms come.

First, look for damaged shingles, like those that may be torn, sticking up, or curved around the edges. These are the spots that will leak first or be torn away by high winds. If you have a tile roof look for cracked or loose tiles.

2. Ceilings

Next, look at all inside ceilings for signs of staining that may be a sign of minor leaks. Any trouble spots will be magnified once the wind and rain get above tropical storm levels. And, the repairs you make now can save tons of money in storm damage.

3. Windows and Doors

A quick scan of your windows and doors can tell you if you have minor leaks that should be addressed before a storm approaches. Check especially for missing weather stripping and a door sweep at exterior doors,and dirt or staining at the bottom of windows.

Don’t forget to check your garage door. It should also have a bottom seal and weather strip to prevent water and wind from entering your garage.

4. Shutters

If you’ve got pre-installed hurricane shutters – congratulations. You’re among the few that can probably batten down your home and not worry when the next storm comes. But if you’re like the rest of us, you’re relying on getting the last few sheets of plywood during hurricane week.

This year, why not take an afternoon to precut plywood for all of your windows and doors? It can be easily stored in your garage and save you tons of trouble and money if you do it now instead of waiting.

5. Tree Limbs

Lastly, consider cutting back any tree limbs that seem diseased or are hanging over critical areas of your home. While most mature trees were tested during Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, it’s still a good plan to have them checked and trimmed by a tree expert.

With these quick and easy tips, you can cut down the chances of serious damage to your home when the next storm hits. For more helpful advice, contact SureHome today.

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